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Get rid of Google @ Android – Sync Calendar and Contacts to your Private Cloud

Investigating the needed software, state of affairs is:

Android Calendar and Contact Sync is possible via ActiveSync. There is a open source replacement for ActiveSync which claims to be compatible, which is z-push.

Overview of Active Sync enabled Linux Software:

Nice to have would be:

-easy install and setup – one package, no separate config of database or external programs needed

Now evaluating:
Kolab Groupware, claims to have ActiveSync


Server Location without Data Retention Laws

Norway – good speeds from the middle or Europe to Norway. Norwegian people rejected data retention some time ago. Good location for a proxy/web-out vpn endpoint.

Replacement for Dropbox

Seafile – can sync multiple folders, contrary to dropbox. Community Edition is somewhat fiddlish to configure, consider using the Pro edition which is free but limited to some users

Owncloud – seems to have CalDAV Calender sync support, according to Seafile forum lacks synch speed