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Mass media tend to over-hype issues. Painting a picture of reality in which only one big worldwide issue at a time seems to be important.
In this categorie I try to list hypes that imho temporarilly mask/override other issues just because of “hype” and thogh wrongly disconnect those themes from connected issues.

To me the observation that >90% of the people that sourround you in western-society seem to be hype-followers is deeply disturbing. Trying to discuss a past hype with a hype-follower is a frustrating experience.

2009: Guantanamo

Obama to close one of the last Concentration-camps of “western-society” and to end torture (including US-franchised torture).
As of 2011 both go on.


Fall 2006 Austria: Feinstaub

Car users are to blame. Industry and goods-traffic, which are the main causer are marginally thematized. Telos is to use smaller cars and to pick household-waste.
As of Fall 2011 there is repeated exceedance of limit values of “Feinstaub” i.e. in Vienna, without any measures taken and low media coverage.

Fall 2009: Climate Change

Everything is climate change. Tenor is that citizens have to restrain themselves, industriy as a causer is blankend out.

Fall 2011: Economical Crisis

became a media-hypertrend in september 2011. hype tags are “occupy wall street”, “wutbürger” etc.

Pushed out “climate change”, i.e. Durban Climate Change Conference is covered side,

Picks out protest over criticism of the lack of democracy.