Hey, its illegal!

Typical Con: You are not allowed to do that, because jada jada..

Typical Pro: Depends on the jurisdiction youre in and the purpose your question serves jada jada..

My answer: shut the fuck up, thats not what i wanted to know, go mind your own bussines. stop patronizing.

Another useless question that always arises when someone wants to have information about a subject that might also have to do with criminal activities (such as discussion about knifes, drugs i.e.). Typical thread-killer.

Proposed standard-answer: It is everybodies own concern to behave right and commit no crime. Mind your own bussines. Only because of a request for information do not judge that the person would commit illegal activites. Rather ask which scientific interest the thread-starter has, so you could help him with your own scientific knowledge. If you dont have one, mute.

Also of interest:





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