Delicious acquired by Avos – a glimmer of Hope for Delicious

Great Delicious Bookmark management social network site combined with plugin was acquired by AVOS. Hopefully they will continue to develop the delicious plugin and keep all the good functionality that was there until the 2010 version from yahoo came out.. Yahoo completely messed it up: private bookmarks are only shown when one is logged in to yahoo, what the hell is this useful for? Everyone who uses the privacy-functions of Firefox, or some plugins, that delete cookies on exit of Firefox is fucked by this function – no more private bookmarks on startup of Firefox.. Ridiculous. This functionality has been maintained for over than one year by yahoo, although promises on the forum where made to change it. So lets hope the guys and girls at Avos know how to fix it and will. We´ll see!
One first great step has been made – by agreeing to transfer acount data of delicious to Avos real delicious credentials are created, cool, finally users that came to delicious after yahoo had acquired them are given real login capability and that annoying “log in with your yahoo account”-crap is cut 🙂

give it a try:

BTW the use of the old delicious plugin (V 2.1.072) at least with firefox 3.x is possible – so private bookmarks are shown all the time, get it here:

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