Use Robocopy to preserve directory-dates

From Vista on Robocopy has the switch “/dcopy:T” which includes the dates of directories in copies.

/np supresses the copy count in the log file.

Gerell usage (use “” for paths with spaces in) – and exclude files and dirs with “recycler” or “system” in the name (usually system files):

robocopy source destination /mir /log:logfilename.txt /dcopy:T /XD RECYCLER SYSTEM* /np

Use /e instead of /mir if you dont want robocopy to delete anything on the destination disk (as it does if the source doesnt contain any files/directories any more that where existent on the destination; “mir” stands for mirror).


Robocopy Gui is old and doesnt include /dcopy:T

As an alternative use “Synchronize Dirs” command in Total Commander:


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