Meltdown reported in Fukushima 3

As of March 12, 2011, meltdown in Fukushima 1 was reported and denied multiple times. Today a meltdown in Fukushima 3 is reported:,Authorised=false.html?

I am not aware of any videos or pictures of Fukushima 1 since the explosion:

-showing that no meltdown had occured or that that the containment is intact
-showing any human or robotic activity near Fukushima 1 (reported supposedly cooling of Fukushima 1 using sea-water and bor).

Ongoing summary of the news on Fukushima @ Greenpeace:

German version:

Still no radioactivity measurements on Fukushima:

Some interesting watching on Tchernobyl, i.e. the myth of the so called “Sarcophagus”:

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