Choosing a NAS

According to the magazine c´t the Thecus n4200pro is a nifty little thing: It has a mini-ups that allows for safe-shutdown when power is lost, so you can enable write-caching and not have to fear to loose all the data thats actually stored in cache, when power is lost. Furthermore it appears to be fast. I´ll see when it arrives..
German article on home-NAS-devices on c´t (not free, cash needed to view electronically): – As ever, c´t tests are all I need to choose a device 😉
Support forums for the device:

Some thoughts on Nas:

On the other side my experiences with two Netgear Readynas 2100 are not so satisfying. First of all the device is slow: ~34MB/sec read, 24MB/sec write. Second, the Replicate-Software can´t replicate but only does backups, third at the time beeing, the Readynas-Replicate-software makes the NAS somehow unstable, frequent crashes of the device occur…

What about a linux box as a raid server? Seems to be a cool choice, but only by using hardware-raid-cards, which can easily be distinguished from software-raid-cards (which are only simple controller cards – aka fraid – “fake raid) by the fact that real-raid-controller have a cpu onboard. 3wave cards seem to be a good choice when it comes to price and linux compatibility. But taking into consideration, that you need power, space for the hd´s, configuring a linux, i consider a ready-made-nas-device a good choice too.

Another one is: which harddisk to put into a nas? From these ressources it doesnt matter if a harddisk is a server-model (made for running all the time) or if it is a cheaper desktop model – mtf is at the same low value:

Dont use drives that are not supported by the nas-firmware, because features as 4k-sectors, fail-recovery etc. need to be supported by the nas. One question, why is the same Harddisk cheaper with double the cache?:

WD-Caviar Green 2TB 32MB Cache: ~100 EUR
WD-Caviar Green 2TB 64MB Cache (4k sectors): ~ 75 EUR

At the time beeing the HDS722020ALA330 seems to have a good value choice
n4200pro hard-drive compatibility list:


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