Enable Video Thumbnails in KDE Dolphin and Xfce Thunar

Open Dolphin

In dolphin, enable previews then go to
Settings, Configure Dolphin.
General, Previews
Put a check in Video File

The Thumbnails created by Dolphin will be shown in Thunar too! Works for GoPro Mp4 files.

Src: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/413260-Get-Dolphin-to-show-thumbnail-preview-frame-of-picture-amp-vid/page2?s=c6d1560afe19c001cc534b9d663d11f4

for manual fiddling: see the config files in /usr/share/thumbnailers – I think those are only used by thunar not dolphin.

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Themenseite Fukushima – Heise.de



Fukushima: 300 Tonnen hochradioaktives Wasser ausgetreten

sbs: turn off inheritance for multiple subfolders

ever tried to change rights of multiple folders by moving them into a subfolder and changing rights of subfolder? when moving back the folders to their original location they re-inherit from the parent folder by default. seems that the gui has no feature to turn off inheritance for subsequent folders.

use this command to turn off inheritance of rights from parent folders.

icacls *.* /inheritance:d

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Tepco hat das AKW auch zwei Jahre nach dem Unfall noch nicht unter Kontrolle, wovon auch eine überwältigende Mehrheit der Japaner überzeugt ist

sbsmonitoring exceeds size limit of 4gb – sbs2008



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